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What Students Are Saying

If there is anyone looking to expand their knowledge of the pipe and drape business in an effective way not just for informational purposes then this class is for you. Thank you so much for not holding back and sincerely desiring to impart the knowledge that others won't. I really enjoyed the class and appreciate your hard work that went into it.

— Tiae B.

This class was very informative for a first timer like myself. The great part about it is being able to go back and rewatch the videos and practice on the draping. Thank you so much Precious! 2018 is going to be very promising for me

— Linda J

This class is great for the total newbie and at an affordable price! Precious took her time and answered all our questions I feel confident in my ability as a newbie to begin pipe and drape thanks to this class!

— Evelena N.

This class was very informative. It tremendously added to my skill-set. It was a sacrifice financially, but I was willing to bet on the value-added benefits that it would provide in offering my clients a full suite of event decor services. I was able to learn all of the fundamentals of backdrops, plus useful tips. I believe that the added support from being in the VIP Group alone will more than pay for the cost of the class. Precious is passionate about what she does, as well as helping others to succeed in this niche. I am happy that I was able to be one of the "beta babies."

— Lea C.

The draping class was amazing. Precious Stevens definitely provided a wealth of knowledge. Not only will you learn the basics of draping but she gave lots of tips and tricks. Saving you time while still providing that wow factor. This class was more than expected and definitely worth the investment. With what I learned I'm on my way to new levels.

— Davida B.

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