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Draping Tools You Need For Your Business Okay, so I’m going to give it to you straight. Not having the right draping and piping materials can make your life a living hell. No, I’m not just talking about fabric. I’m talking about the actual tools that you absolutely must have on you at all times
A Quick Intro to Draping and Piping What’s good?! So, I want you to think for a second about the last wedding, baby shower, or big event that you went to. What did the decorations look like? You can be honest. Did the setup look cute? Was it a hot mess? Did it look ehh
My Top 5 Draping Business Tips (What you SHOULD do)   What’s good, everyone? Now y’all know I been in this industry for a good bit of time, and I have seen the best of the best and the worst of the worst when it comes to having a draping business. I’ve had my fair
Hey tribe! As many of you already know, before I niched down into pipe and drape, I was an event designer. Being an event designer has so many moving parts and required hats, so it’s no wonder that I didn’t enjoy it. The organization requirement was outta this world!  If I wasn’t 110% on it

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