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Event Draping 101: The Truth About Stiff vs Loose Drapes Let’s have a talk, sis. How long have you been in the pipe and drape game? Has it been a few months…a few days…maybe even a couple of hours? Regardless of where you are in your event draping journey, I want you to understand the
How to Make a Spring Color Palette This whole month, I’ve talked to you about Spring, Spring, Spring. And it’s no wonder since I’m launching my Spring fabric collection this month. You know what I absolutely love most about this time of year? It’s the way that designers put colors together to make something special.
Best Textures for Spring Palettes 2022   Last week you got a little taste of Spring by looking at the best colors for your palettes. Now, you need to learn the best textures to use that complement your spring colors. As you probably know just from wearing regular clothes, different textures are best for different
How to pick the best colors for Spring in 2022 Spring is in the air! The flowers are blooming, the sun is shining, and people are getting out of their houses. With this new season comes some new designs that you can use to spruce up your portfolio. You may be wondering, “Precious, what are

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