Learn Premium Draping Starter Course

    Learn Premium Draping Starter Course

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      Learn Premium Draping Starter Course

      This is your first step to learning premium draping so you can make more money doing what you love.  So many of my previous virtual and hands-on students are killing the game and guess what? You can too. Just stick with The Draping Queen because I have so many program opportunities to take you from a complete newbie to a draping expert in a matter of a few weeks or maybe even days if you are that committed. I'm so excited to watch your progress with all the information you will learn inside this course. 

      If you're unclear on:

      • the proper way to drape
      • understanding layered effects
      • how to hide your pole covers
      • color combination
      • proper techniques
      • how to keep up with the trends
      • what backdrop kits to use
      • maximize your setup time at events
      • create intricate designs
      • how to hang embellishments and upsell

      You need to get started here!

      Color: Blue, Purple, White
      Size: 20, 24
      Material: 100% Polyester

      Your Instructor

      Precious Stevens

      The instructor is Precious Stevens, a celebrity event designer, draping instructor and business coach. She is the creator of The Posh Academy where she teach event professionals how to how to gain clarity on their mission, identify their ideal audience, and strategize with business systems so they can enjoy their creative business and manifest a life they love.