When and How to use Crystal Curtains

by Precious Stevens on July 05, 2023
Event draping is one of those things that can really get your creative juices flowing. I’ve seen so many elements and accessories through the years that have been mind-blowing and have helped me create many of my favorite masterpieces. One of my favorite elements is bling. Bling is just one easy way to create that wow factor. One of the most common ways to add bling to your draping is by adding crystal curtains. Whether you are buying your curtains premade or DIY-ing them, they are a great tool to have in your back pocket. In this article you’ll learn about buying, storing and using them! Buying Crystal Curtains When shopping for crystal curtains, expect to pay at least $20. My favorite place to shop for crystal curtains is Shop Wild Things. I love ordering their curtains because of the customization. You can choose the size, shape, and even color of your curtains before purchasing them. This is really helpful because there is so much more to crystal than clear! You can find crystals in metallic, iridescent, and bold colors too. The other thing to consider is the various different structures of crystal curtains: metal rod, fabric sleeve and plastic rod. These names refer to the structure that holds up those gorgeous crystals. A metal rod is my personal favorite because it’s super sturdy and easy to assemble. The other perk is that you can add/remove crystal strands as you please for complete customization. Fabric sleeve has its own perks though because it is the easiest to store and you can control how full a design looks. If you want a full look, bunch your fabric together. If you want a more open design, stretch out your fabric sleeve. Lastly, plastic rod curtains have their own benefits because of their versatility. I love to use them for decorating columns. However, the only downside is that they aren’t as sturdy as metal rod and if they bend, they can become really hard to use.

Storing Crystal Curtains

The only downside to crystal curtains is that they require a lot of attention when storing them. The last thing that you want is to show up to an elegant event with a big sparkly, tangled mess. The key thing here is to avoid storing them like you would other curtains. Simply rolling curtains is how you end up with a tangled mess. Shop Wild Things has a great solution to this problem! They say, “…tie the strands together before taking them down. Grab all of the strands about 2 feet from the top hanging rod and tie some sort of thick ribbon (so you can easily see it) around all of the strands. Then move several feet down the curtain and tie the strands again using the same method as above. This will allow you to then take down your curtain and place it into a storage bag.” (Hanging and Storing Beaded Curtains, Shop Wild Things)

Using Crystal Curtains

I started using crystal curtains in my designs when I ran across this picture from Olivia Dream Weddings and Events and thought it was simply gorgeous. I ran right out and bought some! Once I developed my pricing strategy, I was able to triple my ROI (Return on Investment) and make crystal curtains a staple in my up-selling process. Crystal curtains are in high demand, especially for elegant events such as luxury weddings because they scream glamour. They also scream…higher price point! These babies can easily add $100 to your backdrops when priced correctly because they make your design look instantly more expensive. I always recommend having at least one set of crystal curtains in your arsenal to take any design to the next level. If you found this post helpful, go check out my other post on Finding Inspiration for Color Palettes and if you are ready to take your backdrop skills to the next level, enroll in my Drape & Design Membership Course to learn premium draping at your own pace for the most affordable cost event. Sign up here:

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