What’s in my Pipe & Drape toolbox?

by Precious Stevens on February 11, 2021
Hey guys, Now yall know that I absolutely love prep! I am a woman who hates to be unprepared for anything that an event throws at me. That is why I created my Pipe & Drape Toolbox and filled it up with a condensed number of items specifically for problems that commonly arise at draping events. I cannot tell you how many times this little treasure box has saved my life! Not only do you look more professional when you are prepared, but you also can save the day (for you and your clients). The key to creating a great toolbox is being organized and purposeful with everything that you put into it. You don’t want to be sifting through a big bag of junk in the middle of an emergency. Trust me when I tell you that during that kind of emergency, you are going to be so flustered that you probably won’t even be able to find it! Here is the box that I used to create my pipe & drape toolbox. I love it because it’s got so many compartments to organize all my tools, it’s super durable and it’s pink too!
Now that you’ve got your toolbox, it’s time to fill it! Here is what I put in mine!
Hanging Materials:
-fishing line (light weight) -C hooks (durable, sturdy & great with heavy materials) -S hooks (for handing embellishments without piercing your fabric)
Fabric Securing Materials:
-BIG safety pins -Pearl Tip pins (I like to use pearl-tip because they are easy to see and hard to lose!) -Clips/Clamps (I mainly use these for temporary hold.) -ball bungees & regular bungees (Here is a link to some of my favorites!)
Essential Tools:
-scissors -phone charger (You look so unprofessional when you’re running around asking for one!) -Needle nose pliers -Wire cutters -Zip Ties -rope (This has saved so many times!) -stapler (This is an absolute lifesaver for a quick hem!) -writing utensils (pens, pencils and sharpies for writing notes and to loan them out if someone asks) -measuring tape (This guarantees accuracy because numbers do not lie!) -business cards (Not everyone has social media and this will help you grab a few new clients.) -disposable masks (This is a new addition for COVID, but just in case you lose your regular mask it’s good to have a few on-hand)
Draping Attachments:
-canopy attachments (That way you don’t lose them!) -weighted magnets (I use these ALL the time for attaching things to the ceiling.) -extensions (I keep both my 3 inch and 10 inch so I can change my mind.) -crystal strands (Just in case you need to make a quick repair)
OPTIONAL extras: These are things that might seem weird to you, but they have certainly come in handy for me!
-a deck of cards (Downtimes at events are a great time to engage and bond with your team rather than being on your phone.) -LED light & clicker (These are great for a quick testimonial at an event!) -dry erase marker (I use these in conferences and meetings to boost engagement!) -batteries ( I keep AA & AAA because these are the most common, but only place these in if you’re using them a lot. Don’t keep these stored for long periods of time because they WILL explode!) -hair ties (To keep my hair back to get things done!) -lighter (Great for candles AND most people ask me for this, so I love to be able to save the day!)
I hope that this quick list inspires you to create your own life-saving toolbox for your business. I know that some of these additions might seem a bit out there, but trust me when I say that I have had a need for every single item in my box at one point in my career. What are you going to put in your toolbox? Let me know in the comments below! If you enjoyed this and want to know some more of my tips and tricks for Pipe and Drape be sure to subscribe to my Youtube channel where I put out new videos weekly!

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