The Square Canopy 3-6-10 Rule

by Precious Stevens on January 28, 2021
Hey tribe! Phew! We are nearly done with the first month of 2021! Can you believe it? I can’t. One of my new year’s resolutions was to figure out ways to simplify the world of pipe and drape. You see, when you do a Google search for pipe and drape…you don’t get much. That makes learning the craft even harder and that’s exactly why I started The Posh Academy. This month, I’m focusing on the square canopy. So, today’s life-saver is the 3-6-10 rule for the square canopy. I came up with this while filming my square canopy tutorial. I quickly noticed that I kept repeating the same three measurements! They have become second nature to me now that I have been draping for several years, but I know that not everyone is on that level yet…and that’s ok! We all gotta start somewhere! So, the 3-6-10 rule was born! Trust me when I tell you that once you learn this rule, it will make your life so much easier!


All of your panels should be pleated at the 3 foot mark on your square canopy when designing no taller than 10’. This should be marked on your uprights, but if it’s not just use your belly button as a judge (that’s what I do!). This always gives your square canopy a dramatic look that clients love.


Treat tables and other small tables can fit under a 6 foot wide square canopy. If you are seating adults, stay away from this size! The last thing that you need is your couple feeling cramped bumping inside your chiffon masterpiece.


Any other square canopy that you make should be about 10 feet tall (8 at the least), so if you are in a consultation and or a site visit, be sure to check ceiling height and any obstructions…it would suck to arrive at the venue and the equipment doesn’t fit. If you are in need of an adjustable heavy duty pipe kit, check out our extensive pipe sets that won’t disappoint you. I hope this little trick helps you when you are creating square canopies and if you want to know more of these little life savers, be sure to download my FULL square canopy tutorial by clicking this link.

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