The BEST way to Prep a Square Canopy

by Precious Stevens on January 14, 2021
Hey Posh Tribe Member! In keeping with this month’s theme: square canopies, I have decided to share my BIGGEST secret with you about perfecting a square canopy. Don’t have one? Click here to check out the Posh Square Canopy Kit! Okay, are you ready? My secret is…prepping. I see so many students in my classes that have to take apart their square canopy again and again because they didn’t prep anything and it breaks my heart! Ladies, it is time to trade the guess work for the prep work to make your square canopy designs go a heck of a lot smoother. Here are just a few of my best prepping tips for square canopies.
1. Put out all your pieces ahead of time.
This means your crossbars, your fabrics, patterns, embellishments, etc. Line everything up to where it is supposed to go so that when it comes time to assemble you aren’t re-adjusting crossbars and fiddling in your bag for your tiebacks.
2. Lay out your fabric in the opposite order that you will drape it in.
This is really only necessary if you are doing a design with multiple colors. For example, if you are doing a pattern that goes red/blue/green/yellow then you want to lay it down backwards (yellow/green/blue/red). This means that when you pick it up to place onto your crossbar you won’t mess up your pattern by mistake!
3. Always remember to bring pole covers and pins!
Finishing touches are some of the most important when it comes to your square canopy, so don’t forget to bring these two essentials! Use pole covers to hide your hardware on the outside and pins to hide it on the inside. When it comes down to it yall, prep work has saved my life on multiple occasions. You really can’t go wrong with planning things out and being prepared for anything. If you want more tips on how to create a stunning square canopy, then be sure to click this link to download my FULL tutorial where I show you how to create a chiffon square canopy with embellishments.

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