Square Canopy: Body Mechanics

by Precious Stevens on January 21, 2021
Hey guys! I want you to just imagine this scenario for me ok? Imagine that you are setting up a square canopy with about 10 panels per crossbar. You’ve been breaking your back, bending down to grab each crossbar, thread all the panels on, pick it up and haul it up at least 6 feet to your upright….and just when you’re lifting the last crossbar up…all the panels slip off. What if I told you that you really don’t have to be doing any of that even for a square canopy. Yup! You heard that right! No hauling full crossbars up ladders, no trying to balance fabric panels while attaching your crossbars and definitely WAY less back pain. One of my favorite things to remind my students of in class is their body mechanics. This is the only body that you’re going to get, so you really need to take care of it. This goes for draping and life in general. That’s why I decided to share my square canopy body mechanics method with you for FREE. This is for adding panels to a square canopy while focusing on your body mechanics.
Here goes…
  1. Adjust your uprights to the lowest they will go to eliminate the need for climbing up a ladder with a full crossbar.
  2. Pick up all the panels that you’ll need for this crossbar and line them up so that all your seams are facing the right way (inside for the front/sides and outside for the back).
  3. Drape your panels in the bend of your arm for easy access.
  4. Click in one side of your crossbar and place the other in the cusp of your neck to hold it in place.
  5. Thread all of your fabric onto the crossbar.
  6. Adjust to your desired height.
Easy-peasy right? If you’re looking for a more-hands on tutorial of how to do this threading technique for a square canopy or how to design one in general, be sure to check out my FULL square canopy tutorial. And, if you are in need of an equipment upgrade, click here to check out the Posh Square Canopy kit!

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