5 Reasons to Start a Pipe & Drape Business

by Precious Stevens on March 01, 2022

Why haven't you started your pipe & drape business?

Pipe & Drape Business Workshop I see you low-key stalking this page. You've been thinking, “Hmm, I think I want to start a pipe and drape business real soon.” This has been on your mind for a few months… or maybe a few years. Let’s be real for a sec, sis. You love playing with different designs. You’re very creative. Probably the most creative person you know. Why haven’t you started your pipe and drape business yet? Don’t you know there’s opportunity out here in these premium draping streets? Go ahead and get your tea, and let me tell you the 5 reasons why you need to start a pipe & drape business like yesterday.

Reason #1: Income Potential

When you’re working a regular 9-5, the income is pretty much set. You work your hours, you go home, and you know how much your check is going to be. Now, let’s look at a pipe & drape business. If you work, let’s say…. 2-3 events a month, you can easily make an extra $3,000. Yes, you read right. Imagine working only 2 or 3 Saturdays a month for a few hours, and boom! You got an extra 3G’s to your bank account. That trip to Bali might not be so farfetched huh?

Reason #2: Exercise Your Creativity

Y'all know how it is when that creativity is just in your blood. You just can’t help yourself. You GOT to design something so you can get that creative energy out. Having a premium draping business can do that for you, boo. Guaranteed.

Reason #3: Low Entry Point

Many businesses have a smooth $1,000+ for start-up fees. For someone who may not have a stack lying around, that is a large investment. However, with a pipe & drape business, you can get in the game for as little as $500. Additionally, there is not a big learning curve to get started. If you practice, you’ll get it. At the Posh Academy, we do more than teach you how to enhance your skills. We also provide you with the products you need for success. Be sure to look at one of our backdrop-in-a-box draping systems here.

Reason #4: Networking on Fleek

I know what you thinking. Precious, COVID is a thing. Who is really out here trying to network? Uhhh…your future clients, that’s who! When you attend the events you set up, you’re already showing your product. They already know you got the skills to do the work. Before you even open your mouth, they’re halfway sold. So, how easy will it be to find your next big client at these events? Easy asf, sis. EASY ASF. All you have to do is show up.

Reason #5: Work on YOUR time

This one is specifically for those of you who are still burning up that 9-5 clock. You KNOW how draining it can be. Not to mention the fact that you can only get what you need to get done (e.g. doctor’s appointments) at the most inconvenient times. With a pipe & drape business, you get to choose your schedule. That may be one, twice, or maybe even three days a week. If you make $500+ per event, you could replace your 9-5 income in less time. Now that you’ve seen the five reasons you need to start your pipe & drape business go ahead and get started ASAP. Not next month, but NOW. If you want to learn more, then you GOT to come to one of my Labor-Intensive Live Workshops. In one day, I will teach you how to command premium prices for your work, attract higher-paying clients, and eventually stand out from the crowd of other event professionals. I’m doing a tour across the U.S., so come join me in a city near you by clicking the link here. If you have any questions, be sure to drop them in the comments.

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