How to Make a Spring Color Palette

by Precious Stevens on April 19, 2022

How to Make a Spring Color Palette

This whole month, I’ve talked to you about Spring, Spring, Spring. And it’s no wonder since I’m launching my Spring fabric collection this month. You know what I absolutely love most about this time of year? It’s the way that designers put colors together to make something special. This week, I want to get down to the nitty-gritty on how to make a spring color palette for your backdrops this season. You know the different types of colors to use, and now you need to learn how to actually create the palette itself. Keep reading to get these gems.

Understand Your Client When Creating a Spring Color Palette

I know how much you want to exercise your creative control, sis, but there are levels to this thing. As much as you just want to dive into it, you have to always be willing to take the opinion of who you’re doing the backdrop for. In other words, don’t leave your client completely out of the mix. Always make sure that you give them an opportunity to let you know what some of their favorite spring colors are. If they like pink, incorporate pink. If they want yellow, go with it. You might realize that you’re reinventing the wheel from scratch when you really don’t have to.

Check the Industry for Inspo

You should always look to the industry for current trends and inspiration for your palettes. Remember, we want to work smarter, and not harder in the pipe and drape streets. Use the technology that we have been blessed with for inspiration. Pinterest, competitors, and even some home decorating magazines can all be great sources for your spring palettes. Remember the colors I mentioned to you the other day–the pastels bright colors, and shimmery colors–that were best for spring? Look for palettes that have those same colors. Those yellows, limes, oranges, and pastels make for bomb, eye-popping color palettes.

Think of the Mood for the Spring Color Palette

Think about what feeling are you wanting people to have when they see your backdrop. For example, you may not want a bright yellow color palette for a baby shower for a little boy, right? Exactly. Use that same thought process when you make your palettes as well.

When in Doubt, Use Online Tools

If you’ve exhausted all of these options and you’re still not satisfied, then I got just the tool for you. It’s called and it is the BEST for creating complementing and supplementing color palettes. You can test out different combinations and see which one catches your eye. I use it a lot when I just need a little bit more inspiration for creating something that’s really going to stand out.

See the Spring Color Palette in Action

Let’s take this backdrop that my student Toniece.

Here we see some analogous colors which flow really well together. In the spirit of Spring, she has the flowers in the very back, making it clear that we’re going for a more floral-type theme. The gradient accent colors are also an eye-catcher, making it a smooth transition between the shades of green. Lastly, for some razzle-dazzle, the sequins help to complete the look. There’s your crash course in making a color palette for your spring backdrops. Make sure you check out my new Spring line that will give you the best fabrics to use at all of your spring events. Don’t forget to let me know in the comments if this was helpful.

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