Have you been making these BIG square canopy mistakes?

by Precious Stevens on January 07, 2021
Hey guys, So, as you know this month’s draping tip theme is centered around the square canopy. This tool is a must-have for your arsenal because clients love the dramatic feel of a canopy. It is also great for sectioning off different parts of an event too! As with anything in draping, it has definitely been a learning curve for me. I have made and seen some pretty bad mistakes through the years and I think that the best way for my tribe to learn is by knowing what NOT to do. That’s why I decided that today’s post should be all about the DON’Ts of square canopies. Let me know in the comments if you have ever made these mistakes and if this post helped you. Yall know I love feedback!

1. The square canopy is too short!

Okay, so for me a square canopy should be AT LEAST 8 feet tall unless you are placing it around a treat table or a group of small children. The fact of the matter is that clients who ask for a square canopy are asking because they want a dramatic look and that 6×6 is not going to cut it. Sorry not sorry! If you need to upgrade your set-up click here to check out the posh square canopy kit!

2. Your hardware is showing!

Say it with me…pole covers! I cannot tell you how many stunning designs that I have seen ruined by professionals who didn’t bother to cover up their hardware. I can tell you right now that it IS a big deal and your clients WILL notice. Not to mention, pole covers are so simple to make and you really just need a pipe cleaner and two panels of fabric. So, do yourself a favor and always double check your canopies!

3. Your tags/seams are showing!

A super-easy way to ruin a square canopy is by not paying attention to your entry point from the start. When it comes to your canopy, your entry point and the two sides should have their seams facing inwards. The back should be faced outwards. This may not seem like a big deal, but you try talking to a bride who has just noticed the big tag in the background of her bridal canopy…! Yikes! As always, these are just some tips and tricks that I have picked up in my journey in pipe and drape. If you or someone you know is looking to design a square canopy, be sure to purchase my FULL square canopy tutorial where I take you step-by-step on how I create canopies that my clients love.

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