Chandeliers: How to use them WELL

by Precious Stevens on July 05, 2023

Adding character to your event doesn’t have to be hard, event draping is a great way to express the tone of the event and the personality of the guest of honor. It can be subtle or grandiose, sweet or seductive. This month, the topic is embellishments. Embellishments are a great way to take simple draping to the next level with just a few tweaks. One of the first that I always introduce my students and clients to is chandeliers. Even the simplest backdrop can achieve that wor factor with a chandelier. Chandeliers ooze elegance and increase the price of your work. However, there are a few things to consider when actually choosing which chandelier to use. They come in an array of styles, sizes, and weights. Some key points to consider when choosing your next chandelier are;

What will support the chandelier?

There are many places that you can hang a chandelier from such as a pipe and drape stand, a venue’s air wall system, truss, or a boom arm. I primarily use a heavy-duty pipe and drape stand like the one in The Posh Premium Kit. If you are using a large crystal chandelier, add an extra 20 to 30 pounds with weighted bases for extra support. An air wall is great to use for a suspended chandelier that may not have any draping around it. The main thing I like about the air wall option is that it’s more sturdy and supported just like a truss. Truss is very common to use if you are designing on a stage or at venues with a vaulted ceiling. My biggest concern with these methods is the height because I am terrified of ladders. Which takes me to my next point.

What installation assistance is needed?

The most common assistance tools needed are a truss, ladder, step stool, or chair. By taking into account the length of the chain, the weight of the chandelier, and the location that it will be placed, you can predetermine the tools you will need to hang it. For example, if your chandelier is an attachment on a backdrop for an entryway, you’ll need to hang it high enough so that no one hits their head walking through. Another example is if you are attaching your chandelier to a standalone backdrop stand, you’ll need to purchase a stand that will withstand the weight. I wouldn’t suggest attaching a heavy crystal chandelier to a basic pipe kit such as The Posh Basic Kit simply because it’s not tall enough and the bases are lighter in weight.


Chandeliers, just like any other embellishments are great additions when used correctly and planned out ahead of time. You’ll need to think of the color scheme, preferences of the client, support for the chandelier, and how to install it. I would highly suggest not having a chandelier and how to install it. I would highly suggest not having a chandelier be your go-to last-minute addition for any event due to the ways that is can go poorly. The last thing that you want is guests hitting their head on a low-hanging chandelier or one falling down due to inefficient support. Have you ever used a chandelier? How did it go? What are your favorite places to buy them? The chandelier I always use in the crystal 6 arm chandelier that I purchased from amazon for only $109. You can get one here ???????? . This thing is huge and simply gorgeous. It adds instant elegance to any draping and is an attention grabber. If you are worried about it being hardwired, relax. Check out my video on how I easily converted a hardwired unit to a plug in.

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