Best Textures For Spring Palettes 2022

by Precious Stevens on April 12, 2022

Best Textures for Spring Palettes 2022

Last week you got a little taste of Spring by looking at the best colors for your palettes. Now, you need to learn the best textures to use that complement your spring colors. As you probably know just from wearing regular clothes, different textures are best for different seasons. While the winter is best for your heavier fabrics, your lighter fabrics do well for the Springtime. There are some specific ones that work best for backdrops, and I’m going to share them with you below. Don’t worry, sis. I’m going to make sure you get it right with the best textures for spring palettes.

Best Spring Texture #1: Chiffon

Chiffon is the first up with our best textures for spring palettes. Chiffon is considered the cream of the crop for the Spring because not only is it lightweight and flowy, but it also drapes particularly well. You don’t have to worry about doing a lot of maintenance to keep it looking great. If you look at some ceiling designs, chances are that they used chiffon. We also use chiffon in our premium backdrops to add both texture and color. Make sure you add that to your list this spring.

Spring Texture #2: Voile

Second, we have the voile fabric. Like chiffon, voile is one of the best textures for your spring palettes because it’s very lightweight and easy to work with for any event type. Voile is completely translucent, which means that you can layer it with other colors to create a unique piece. Repeat after me: you need to use sheer in your Spring designs.

Spring Texture #3: Mesh Sequin

The third texture is mesh sequin. Sequin fabrics are typically covered with small plastic or metal-shaped pieces that create a glamorous, shimmery effect. Sequins come in all shapes, sizes, colors, and even patterns, so you can always find something that meets the eye. Hands down, mesh sequin is one of my favorites of the best textures for your spring palettes. It looks good, feels good, and clients love it. Mesh sequin is in high demand in all aspects of the fashion world, so please believe that your clients will do cartwheels if you’re able to pull off a backdrop that incorporates this texture.

Spring Texture #4: Spandex/Lyrca

The fourth texture on the list is called spandex/lycra. Most ladies are familiar with this texture. Our bodycon outfits, workout clothes, and even one-pieces contain some of it in the fabric. Therefore, you already know that this material is super lightweight, flexible, wrinkle-resistant, and easy to work with. On top of that, the stretch factor on this material is unmatched, making it perfect for any design and any event. If you literally want maximum flexibility when creating your backdrops, you need to add this to your list. I can just about guarantee you that 1 out of every 3 of the backdrops I created utilize spandex in some weight. You can’t beat the flexibility with a stick.

Spring Texture #5: Two-Way Stretch

The fifth and final texture we’re going to touch on is called 2-way stretch. Think of two-way stretch as being the baby brother of spandex/lycra. This is a great texture to add to your pipe and drape collection. Like spandex, it’s wrinkle-resistant, making it a nice go-to fabric. Two-way stretch is usually a little more economical than your spandex/lycra, so if you need a stretch effect but not necessarily all over, then a 2-way stretch texture is the best way to go. There’s your crash course on spring textures to use this year for your bright palettes. I have a great new Spring collection that you have to be sure to check out with all of these textures. Hopefully, you learned a little something that can help you in your pipe and drape business. Let me know in the comments which textures you’re going to use first. Find all of our premium fabric blends at

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