3 Basic Event Draping Setups For Newbies

by Precious Stevens on July 05, 2023

Quick Basic Event Draping Setups for Beginners

Attention all newbies to drapery! First of all, don’t panic. We’ve all been there before. That moment when we’re like, “Okay, I’m hella motivated to get serious about draping. But girl, I don’t know really know how to go about doing basic event draping setups.” Does this sound like you, boo? Don’t even stress because you know I got you. I’m going to show you 3 basic event draping setups for newbies. This means that no matter your skill level, you can do this. And without too much of a hassle, I might add. Being able to do basic event draping designs will give you an edge over others who have no clue what they’re getting themselves into. Once you got the basics, you can play with different color palettes and really wow your clients. You ready?

Basic Event Draping Set-Up #1: Simple Drape W/Garland

basic draping design garland Pinterest First up, we got what I’d like to call a simple drape w/ garland. This one is easy, yet adds that touch of elegance. All you need is a sheer white fabric and some fake garland from your local craft store, and you’re all set. This look is great for a wedding reception or even a lingerie party. Oh, you didn’t know that people like cute backdrops for their sexy events? Tuh, you better get with it!

Basic Event Draping Set-Up #2: Gold Strike

Next up, we have something that I’m going to call the Gold Strike. As you can see, we got three colors, with a Las Vegas sequin gold and red in the front and white in the back. All you need to do is get your white set up, then come through with your individual pieces of gold and red to create 2 side swags. Then secure each one to your uprights and boom! You got a pretty backdrop for pretty much any occasion

Basic Event Draping Set-Up#3: Classic

The last design is something I’m going to call Classic. It’s a little more advanced than the previous look but you still got this! Yes, the sequin drape is a nice touch, but it’s not necessary. This design can still look great even without it. So, the only things you’ll need are plenty of fabric panels, and three different shades of fabric. Put it all together and you get this beauty. You can purchase this exact same backdrop-in-a-bundle on my website. I hope you enjoyed these 3 super simple basic event draping set-ups that you can use for your next big event. Let me know in the comments which one is your favorite. Also, if you haven’t joined my email list, make sure you do that ASAP if you want to keep up with new blogs, deals, and even big events I have lined up for my subscribers. I can teach you how to design premium draping that commands more money in my Draping Plan 2 Profit Seminar. In this recording, I will show you how to charge top-dollar and get repeat clients. Be sure to check it out!

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